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Your game is special, maybe because it holds cash or personal value, but both is a good reason to grade it. EGG doesn’t seal your game so you are still able to play it and store it for a future sell. With our coded sleeve and metal gradeplate you always have a beautiful item to display. Not sure if you have a high valued game on hand ? Try our pre-grading service for only €5.

Oh my… I’m lost!

Our mission starting from 2022:

* Making grading video-games affordable, easy, safe, without locking up your game in a container.

* Logging a database of graded games with intension to create a transparent world of collecting and bringing collectors together in a thriving community.

* Use a grading system that makes sense for every game, not only high value games.                 We hope the video-game price bubble will soon pop, we do not believe collecting would require thousands and thousands, thats why we don’t grade sealed games. A sealed game is a non playable game medium without any particular history. We understand these are highly valuable and collectable, but games need to be played in our opinion.

With this in mind our grading process will be as followed:

Every game you grade with us will be databased with a unique code that represents quality and owner of the game. This online database can be seen by anyone, selling or buying a graded game is therefore very easy, safe and honest. 

With our security coded sticker fraud and damage on a graded game can be detected, with every game having this unique code buyers can access our database and see if the code is genuine compared to the sellers information.

Our intention is also to be a game-shop for ungraded and graded games (games from other grading company’s are also welcome). Games we sell are of course always checked for genuineness. If you buying a EGG graded game trough another platform or auction website, feel free to contact us.

Our grading is focused on collectors and gamers not fast traders, we are collectors who speak on behave a community of people loving vintage games of popular console systems.

Ok sounds good, what about the process of grading ?

After you send us your pictures of the particular game it will be graded by 3 individual people which results in 1 grade. The grading process is focused on quality of your game and the collectors-value.

Selling a mint condition box of Atari’s E.T will for some people be high in value due to age and condition, still as collectors point of view we can agree this is not a very good game, wouldn’t you rather own a lower quality good game ? That is if you want to play it, and we do !

Therefor we don’t grade sealed copy’s of games, we don’t believe in this, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the value of this.

Unfortunately prices in the United States are exploding at the moment, it’s sad to see some people even in Europe send there games all the way there to be graded. That might be a moneymaker if your game is really valuable and rare, but it leaves a big open space for people who aren’t high-end collectors and don’t want to spend their whole lifesavings on it. 

With Euro Game Graders: 

  • You don’t have to ship your game to us, pictures taken of the box, cart, book etc will be enough.
  • Prices are lower because we have low assembly costs.
  • We do not seal your game or grade sealed games. 
  • We grade on quality and collectors value.
  • Your game is special even if its not really high valued coin-wise it might be special to you like a memory in time, or it might be your favourite or first game. We attach a single grade number to your game which will be viewable by everyone in the database. If your proud of what you collect show it !
  • We do not sell our own games to make money, all games in shop are collectors selling games, we just add costs for grading.

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