Retroview 294 – Shining force 2

Megadrive – 1993

With the release of square enix triangle strategy game, i had to at least have a tactical rpg in this list, back then you had action rpg and turn based rpg. Both lesser known and not worse is the tactical rpg. Probably lesser known because nintendo really failed here.. Shining force is the series to go here, and part 2 on megadrive is the best. Everything in this game just says: “is this on megadrive?” it’s really that good with great graphics and music. I wish these games found more shelves then, cause it really stands between the top rpg’s of that time (yes even those great snes rpg’s) The story is also fresh, and not the standard save the world and the princess etc.

I just cant believe i never had this game when i had a megadrive, it just wasn’t in stores or not at my level of height that could be 😉

Conclusion: Sega had some great rpg’s in time but this stands out, there’s nothing more to say about this cause its a game that will need your love and time. If you are really into tactical games start with shining force 1, if you don’t know if you like it start with this one. it will not disappoint.

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