Retroview 297 – Bubble Bobble

Nes 1988

If turn blowing bubble’s in the bathtub playing with plastic dinosaurs is your bag (‘baby) , this probably would be your number one game. For anyone else this is a classic. Before everybody fell in love with Yoshi (from that other nintendo game 😉 there was Bub and Bob .. they really thought long about these names but who cares. Bub and Bob are really cute dinosaurs, and you guessed this turns out to be a multiplayer game.

So here its is one of the cutest nes games around, there’s enough stages to keep you busy blowing bubbles and killing enemy’s, this gets harder over time and is challenging till this day. Graphics and sound are really really good for a nes game, also the levels aren’t repetitive and all have bright cute colors and enemy’s. Multiplayer is where the game doubles the fun, co-op is the word here and a password system lets you save the fun for another round. Trap enemy’s in a bubble, pop the bubble before the enemy breaks loose, clear the stage, and that’s all folks. Oh boy this is fun like the first time you actually got past level 4 on pac-man (that’s a lie i never got past level 4 on pac-man, and thats frustrating) Like this game can be a little frustrating sometimes, but play it with a friend and you can out this frustration on each other. Conclusion: bright cute nes game, totally awesome if played together, a bit hard when played alone, it’s really ok to scream when this game tells you again and again to hurry up ! so play this together and blame your friend for being a slowpoke.

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