Retroview 296 – Half Life

Playstation 2 – 2001

Old master in a great enchanted version. Half Life is a great game, with a great story, it’s the base of Valve software and the reason we can use steam today. Back to reality this is about the console version. Half Life is a fps made for pc released in ’98. First person shooters have always been more of a pc thing, i always found it rather hard to control those games (except for goldeneye, everybody just accepted those controls somehow) There are some fps games in this list, but this one has the best single player (thats why it stands so low :D).

I don’t have to explain what Half Life is or how the game functions, it’s a game almost everyone played or heard of. It just not as good in multiplayer as other (some good mods for this made that all bull on pc, but this is the playstation version) The single player story is amazing and its the reason you should play this on ps2 cause graphics have been updated and no bugs (only people who play Halo love bugs). Between no bad controls at all and a good story, it also has his share of puzzles, great music and popping sound effects, a masterpiece that everyone who never played it on pc should get right now on playstation. play trough it and then say as i did… maybe there is a good place for fps on consoles even back when controls weren’t that great.

Conclusion: i can’t believe you never heard of this game, and you probably not want to buy this if you already played it on pc back then, but if you didn’t and you want a good fps game on ps2 without calling your friends cause it’s only fun in multiplayer, get this, it has everything to go for and it will make you love fps on consoles !

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