Grading the truth.

What if i said that your €50 game will be worth double in ten years ?

And what if i said that same game will be worth four times that in 4 weeks ?

… And what line above do you believe to be true ? 

We saw games indeed rise in double value over the years, also games we parted with in the past, but regained for a higher price later. Over the years lots of company’s in the usa started grading valued items like toys, comics, cards, and videogames. Because of this grading on videogames prices went up especially for sealed games. 

We started Euro Game Graders because we thought these company’s were not being transparent in their sales, and sending games overseas is very expensive and not worth it. Therefore we made a few point that would be acceptable as a good grading company:

Fair prices, lower shipping costs, database insight on sales, an inexpensive box to show your game but doesn’t take up a-lot of space.

Ok but you saw this youtube that grading is a scam, what is true ? Well, actually thats a very accurate video telling a-lot of truths. But all those truths are about one company and thats not a fair view. Of course will older collectible games rise in price, but not because it is a graded game. Grading is an information confirmation of value and collectability of your game, and to show that information in a nice collectible box.  

To come to the point that i said your game will be worth four times its value in 4 weeks. It is possible if you grade your game and you find someone to pay that amount. I say even without grading that same game it could be worth that amount for the right buyer ! But the truth is you’re selling to a very small market, and other collectors don’t have that much money to spend or don’t want to spend that much. 

So what is your graded game worth ?  – The same as it was before plus the cost of grading. The only advantage is that you can compare graded games and establish a price on that.

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Grading the truth.

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