Retroview 299 – Ridge Racer type 4

1998 – Playstation 1

Anyone on for a street race ? Back in the 90’s Ridge Racer was everywhere. Starting as an arcade game it finally came to the home console in ’94 , since then the series came a long way up until it’s demise in 2012. So as a retro player it’s your job to tell new gamers of this game or hope for a reboot, why ? because its damn good ! The cars are based on real cars of that period with different names, You can race in teams, choose sponsors, have a manager, and drive grand prix. When you work yourself trough the season you’ll be given upgrades to your car and race for awards. It’s a really dynamic game for a racer, meaning it has a huge replay value, but every season is very short so you probably got bored with it very soon in ’98. What’s so good about it now then ? Because its an older racer you probably will love this short season play-trough, it’s a great retro racer to just pull from the closet and do a single season play-trough.

So should i get this if Need for Speed is right next to it ? the question you might ask, and every kid back in ’98, well i would get both but Ridge Racer has the more arcade feel to it, excellent for a quick game.

Graphics are not too bad to look at in 2022, and even look like a ps2 game some moments, physics are also very good for a ps1 game. Sound is sometimes a bit dull because lack of effects, but lot of 90’s fast paced music make up for that.

Conclusion: Wonderfull graphics, fast loading and draw distance makes the game feel really fast and a real racer, multiplayer split screen is ok for some head to head fun but not where the game shines. Pick this up if you like retro arcade racers, and don’t want to spend too much time on customization and play-trough.

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